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Successfully completed website of Al Khor Community (Qatargas).

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At Design Doha we build online websites and applications. We are focused on delivering powerful online solutions at a reasonable price. Over the last 3 years, we have been using our love for the web to provide over 100 clients with our web services.

Web design

We cultivate a multi-faceted approach towards executing your website project, for designing, developing and deploying contemporary and innovative website solutions.

Design Doha have a dedicated team of web designers who use the latest techniques and technologies to deliver a high quality bespoke service. We provide website solutions that are interactive, functional and user friendly and more importantly optimise the impact of your business on-line.

Web development

After Planning and Design, Web development is the next crucial phase for your project. Design Doha do it right. A lean, mean and well coded website will run smoothly and quickly, and Google with love it - which means that it will start to climb the Search Engine rankings from the moment we set it free; meaning more visitors to your website

Online marketing

One of the biggest frustrations for a website owner is the lack of traffic to their site, especially when a competitor with an inferior website is attracting much more business! The reality is that simply publishing your website on the internet will not bring success: you must be committed to its ongoing promotion.

Design Doha structured online marketing campaigns will help your business succeed on the internet by harnessing the power of new media, whilst integrating with your existing marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

Design Doha, we design beautiful websites but we have to admit that good looks are not all that matters. Reaching your target audience is also of great importance! Search Engine Optimisation involves a 6-month campaign of numerous techniques to maximise your website’s rank on top search engines such as Google and Yahoo!.

Content Management System

To maintain accuracy, compliance, relevance and recentness of information, offers and prices, all websites small or large need content to be added or modified on a regular basis. A content management system enables you to manage your website content with little or no web programming technical knowledge.

We’ve listened to our customers requirements, and developed a content management system that is quick and easy to use. We follow an ongoing development process to continuously enhance our content management system that now empowers hundreds of websites.

Web Hosting Solutions

Design Doha provide dedicated web hosting solutions for customers whose website is at the heart of their business. Our web hosting solutions are 100% reliable, 100% of the time. From small companies whose whole business is on the web to big companies with a reputation to protect you need a reliable web hosting partner. Design Doha provide customised web hosting solutions to suit your needs.

eBay Shop Design

It is quite clear ecommerce is growing at rapid pace as it gives customers option of buying cheap and at their convenience. They prefer shopping online. If you are planning to sell online, opening Ebay store is cheapest way to do it as it saves you, from spending hundreds of dollars to promote your store and brand.

Our designers are well experienced and promise to serve you up to your expectation level. The design offered by the team of experts is in accordance to the product and service you offer and also in regard to the company’s goals and objectives. As the design appears on every page it needs to be very creative and blend with the other theme and designs as well.

Blog & Forum Design

Blog and Forum have come up as the most effective tools of Internet marketing. They truly help in bringing daily traffic to your website and making it popular with the search engines. Blog invites people to come and discuss freely on the topics you maintain and forums is one step further to compel people to come and participate. Blog increases your brand global visibility and bring potential customers. Forums are trusted by many people as this is a place where most people find honest opinions from other users rather than any marketing gimmicks.

Web Portals Development

The best web portal is one which not only communicates the knowledge and also distributes it into various sections that will be benefited from such portal. We promise to incorporate the latest technologies and software and help you design the best web portal to attract large number of users. Our mantra of designing a web portal is its interactive features and user-friendly navigation. As the aim of a web portal is to bring users over and over again to your portal and make most of the services. Thus, the design ought to be compelling. One of the tried and tested formulas to withhold the attention of many is to make use of the themes.

Content Writing

If you want your website to be ranked high by the search engines you need to hire professional website content writers who are well versed with the Search Engine Optimization strategies. The content writers provide you with pioneering, inimitable and professional content to make your website hit with the visitors instantly. Attractive template and original content is a sure shot way to make your business or personal website liked by the audience.

Email Signature

Internet marketing has truly changed the perspective of every business owner. Small or big feels the urge to go online to give their business a necessary leverage. Email signature design is turning out to be an effective marketing tool it allows you to send your contact details and link to your website with every mail you send. This helps in brand building and establishing a professional image as it takes seconds to implement this strategy and is the fastest medium to reach out to both existing and potential customers.

Our designers take the challenging job and provide you an effective email signature design. We promise to deliver an email signature design which is captivating so that people can’t ignore it right away. The design is well in accordance to the endeavor and objective of the business. It is necessary to give your signature your personal style to customize it and blend well with the business image.

Marketing Campaign

It is important to reach out to the existing customers and potential clients timely to remind them of your presence and your growth. And in today’s world if you want to reach out to masses it is a good idea to reach out through social media. Of all tools of social media email-marketing is quite effective technique. To have the desired impact it is important to have the right email-marketing campaign. It makes your business look professional and effective and helps you win potential leads, the spinal cord of any business.

Our team of professionals promises to make your email-marketing campaign in tandem with your business, its aims and goals. Our team of designers and writers not only know what looks good, they also know what works better.

Newsletter Design

To have a widespread database of email addresses of potential and current clients is not enough. You need a creative and informative digital newsletter to take your business on the road to success. Every business has so much to communicate to the customers, stakeholders, suppliers and dealers and what better way than an attractive newsletter design. Newsletter helps the company create its goodwill in the market. So its imperative to choose a design which personifies the goals and value of the company at a global level.

Both the small and large companies are being benefited of the newsletter as a marketing tool. It is considered to be the most effective manner to target the right audience and generate potential leads.

As newsletters are to be sent out to the various clients it is quite a challenging task to choose an appropriate design newsletter. We promise to help you get a graphically engaging newsletter to help you build your business image for irresistible prices.

Merchant Account

Design Doha have joined partners with leading online payment gateway, as we believe taking online payment is essential in providing a professional services to customers throughout the world. Contact us for more information on our payment gateway partners.

Register Domain Name

Choosing and regretting a domain name is an important as being online. Let us help you register and choose the domain name you want for your business.