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Domain Registration

Domain names are a human friendly version of a website address. Without a Domain name, you would be stuck with a load of numbers. Not great for marketing purposes!

Choosing and regretting a domain name is an important as being online. Let us help you register and choose the domain name you want for your business

At Design Doha we aim to keep the registration process as easy as possible. You can purchase domains online by searching for your desired domain name, and going thorough our easy step to step process, you can start making your presence known straight away with our domain features

When choosing your Domain name you should select a term people will use to search for your site. Most obviously, this could be your brand or personal name. Think about how you search on Google yourself.

Free Services with Every Domain Name

  • Online Account Management
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Domain/URL Forwarding
  • Online Reporting
  • Use your domain as an email address
  • Registrar Lock
  • Parking Page
  • Auto-Renew
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Sub-domains